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I never use a client's real name, so I'll just call this girl Daphne. Daphne had just turned 19 and in so doing had finally gotten her trust fund. Raised in a life of privilege Daphne had always acted like a good little girl, as she said "biding her time til she got that money".

So anyways Daphne decided that she wanted to throw a birthday party in Berlin Germany. She contacted me and flew me over. She had already been in Berlin for a week or so before the party and had found a girl over there that she was interested in. The problem was that Daphne knew that this other girl, we'll call her Beth, was into kinky shit but wasn't sure if that included other girls or not.

Daphne had also never been with another girl because she was scared that her parents would find out and disown her. So she told me that she'd pay double once for her and once for Beth so long as woudl Beth would sign the waiver. We got together at some club in the city and Daphne told Beth that she was buying her a present, namely my services.

Beth read over the waiver and signed it eagerly. I guess she really was into kiny shit! What Beth didn't know was that Daphne was going to be there too.

Daphne and I booked the penthouse of a hotel for the night. Normally I don't really get all that excited about my job anymore as I've been doin it for a while now. But, it's not often that I get to 'work' with two girls at once so I was actually looking forward to it. Plus both of these girls were hot, unlike some of the rich older chicks that I work with.

I don't know if you've ever stayed at a real nice place with apenthouse and shit but they're pretty lavish. So Daphne decided to hide out in one of the large bathrooms off of the main room while Beth arrived. Daphne asked that I wait until Beth was tied up or somethign before signalling Daphne to come out.

Daphne's trust must be fucking huge because she did not bat an eye at the extra money I told her I'd want. Unbelievable.

Alright so Beth was due at 7:30 and the clock was about 7:20 so Daphne went and hid.

Beth came in dressed like a slut. Vinyl sport bra and miniskirt, thigh-highs, choke chain on and wearing bondage bracelets. They make it too easy sometimes. We said hi and she was acting nervous like we were going to make small talk or something. She said something along the line of "zo how does dis verk?" (german accent) and I said kinda like this, then I picked her up cave man style and took her over to bed.

I put her down then pushed her over onto her stomach, she started to say somethign but I interrupted by spanking her on her vinyl covered ass.

"count them, and call me sir, bitch" whap

"one, sir" whap

"two sir" whap

and so on up til ten. I told her to roll over and then I tied her bracelets to the bed, so she was on her back facin up. I walked over to my bag and pulled out a big pair of scissors. That definitely freaked her the fuck out and started screaming liek she thought I was gonna kill her or something.

I decided to play with a bit and drew them up in stabbing motion. I pretended to stab at her heart, then stopped about a centimeter short, and cut off her bra. She was gasping and pulling at the restraints. So I cut my belt belt and dropped my pants ( i had no shirt on already) and then cut off her skirt and panties after another fake stabbing motion.

She cried out a bit at the fake stab.

"you cry like baby, don't you whore? baby needs a pacifier"

She started to answer but I shut her up with my dick in her mouth.

"yeah you like your pacifier, don't you baby, don't you?"

I pushed my cock all the way into her throat and she gagged. I waited a second just holding it there before I pulled it out and then started fucking her throat hard. She was gaggin and writhing around so I reached back behind me and put two fingers into her pussy. I started fucking her pussy with my fingers at the same pace as I was hammering her mouth. When she was about to cum I stopped, on both accounts.

I got up from the bed and went into the room where Daphne had been waiting. Or should I sya watching. When I walk in there what do I see but Daphne sitting on the floor eavesdropping and masturbating furiously. I told her "it's time - c'mon".

We walked back into the room together. Beth was still tied to the bed. Beth sees Daphne and starts to blush.

Beth:"Oh my god Daphne, Vat are you doing here? Vat's goign on?"
Daphne:"I wanted you since the first time I saw you and now I'm going to have you."
Beth:"No, no I don do vith vomen."
Me:"you read the waiver right the part where it says "and any third or fourth parties of my choosing and at nmy sole discretion? Well, this is the thrid party. Daphne has already been cumming and you're going to drink it."
Daphne:"wait a minute I don't know if I'm ready to do that much yet I mena I've never been with girl before and..."

I grabbed Daphne by the hair and shoved her onto the floor. I grabbed her jaw and slammed my dick in her mouth too. "you do as your told, both of you".

I pulled out and dragged her by the hair over to the bed. I told her "now sit on beth's face until you cum."

At first Daphne started to squat over Beth facing the wall at the head of the bed but I told to face me and look me in the eye so I could watch her first lesbian pussy eating. At first Beth wouldn't open her mouth. So I stuck my finger up her ass, all the way in and she gasped. Then I pushed Daphne's shoudlers down and sat her into Beth's Mouth.

"Tell me how it feels Daphne"

"Oh god, it feels so good her hot tongue in my cunt!" She was cumming already.

"you wanna see me fuck her?"

"Yes, oh god yes, fuck her now" Daphne said.

I spread Bweth's Legs apart and and saw that her pussy was still wet form before. I pushed inside and started to fcuk her right on the g-spot. In like two mintues she was cumming to still licking away at Daphne's pussy, juices dripping down her cheeks.

After Beth had a few orgasms I pulled out and stood up.

"open" I commanded and Daphne opened her mouth. I grabbed her hair again and pushed in and out of her eager mouth. This chick defintely liked being throat fucked, and she was moaning with pleasure from Beth's mouth, too.

"that's a good little slut, now spread your ass cheeks for Beth, make her lick your asshole"

Daphne obeyed and "mmmph" was all I heard from Beth.

"How does it feel Daphne, do you like it in your ass?"

"oh god yes, her tongue feels so good"

"Good because whores like you only deserve cock in their asses"

With that Pulled out of her mouth and forced her head forward creating a 69 as she lay on top of Beth.

"Waht're you doing?"Daphne asked "I said I had never tried anal before."

"Beth, hold her head with your legs" I said shoving Daphne's face between Beth's thighs. "Now return the favor and eat her!"

Beth's legs were wrapped tight around Daphne's head. And Daphne's pelvis had come up off of Beth's face.

"what do think Beth, should I fuck her in the ass? Would you like to watch my big cock goign in and out of her virgin asshole?


"Yes what? Bitch."

"Yes Sir, fuck her ass, fuck her ass hard"

Daphne was moaning nervously as I spread her cheeks. Her little butthole was still slick and wet from Beth's tongue fucking. I saw Beth tighten her leg-grip as I pushed the head of my cock into Daphne's ass.

"lick my balls Beth"

I pushed into her ass deeper and deeper until my balls with resting her pussy and Beth was licking us both. In and out of that virgin ass. Both girls were moaning and wiggling with pleasure, Daphne had loosened up since her clit was getting licked half of the time, too.

Both of the girls came real hard and I knew I was gonna explode soon, too. Just as I was about to I pulled back out and rammed my dick into the back of Beth's throat. I lifted Daphne's butt up in the air and ate her out myself. All three of us came at once, Beth choking on my cum.


I got a lot more stories from my Europe trip, hopefully I'll get time to write some more of them Let me know if you folks liked it. And girls, I want to see pictures with our dildos up your asses, so post em for me, sluts.

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Ok folks, I see that a lot of you have added me or asked that I write more. Sorry about the delay but I'm a really busy man.

I'm a well paid Dominus, the male equivalent of a dominatrix. I fly all over the world and do what I do for those who'll sign my waiver and pay my fee.

Unfortunately that doesn't really leave a whole lot of time for blogging and like that. I keep this journal because I want to be able to go back over some of my exploits once I get too old for this gig and have to retire. No one is gonna hire and old man to tie them up and fuck them, you know?

And sorry but I don't take appointments by email or aything. If you get a hold of my card and call me that's the the only way. I won't tell you how to get my card if you're in the right circles you'll get it, if not, then well, not. Oh and I charge a minimum of $8750.00 a night, plus travel and expenses. I'm not a cheap whore.

However I do love my job so if it's convenient to chat or cyber or whatever then cool, but if it doesn't fit my schedule then oh well. If you add me as a friend I will most likely add you back. I dig it that people enjoy reading about my work.

PS if you ever get a chance to visit Denmark go see the jewels they keep at the biggest castle (frederick's something-or-other?) it's fucking awesome. I saw an opal as big as a grapefruit.

In a few minutes I'll type up about the lady that flew me over to europe, god it's been like almost three months ago.

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I pulled her hair forcing my cock into as far down her throat as it would go. She coughed and gagged, drooling and spitting. I pulled out to the edge of her lips and she gasped for air. I held the sides of her head and began to fuck her mouth hard.

I was going to humiliate her, after all that's what she said she wanted, and she was the customer.

When she called me she explained that she didn't feel like a real woman anymore. Her husband, a Republican congressman, had turned her into his perfect little trophy wife. She said "I want lust, to feel dirty and hot. I want a guy to fuck me, use me, humiliate me, anything besides boring missionary sex wtih a man who is worried about messing up my hair."

After informing her about my fees and the waiver we set up a meeting at a hotel bar in D.C.

Carrie was certainly dressed the part of a congressional wife; a skirt-suit - olive green with mild pinstripes, a beige turtleneck, conservative shoes and nude colored pantyhose. She signed the waiver without reading it and after a drink we went up to the room.

She had spared no expense purchasing a large suite. Given the size of room and the thickness of the walls noise would not be a factor. I asked if she wanted another drink, given that she looked a bit nervous. She declined the drink instead asking "what now"?

"Well, are you ready to get what you piad for?" I said

"Ohhh Yes." she answered

"Strip down to your panties"

"What? I Mean now? I'm a little shy."

"That's 5" I told her

"5 of what?"

"Spankings you just earned, do as your told or you'll get more."

She looked at me, seeing the seriousness in my eyes. She started with her shoes then her jacket. Then she sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled her pantyhose down, tossing them on the floor. Then she stopped.

"That's 5 more, y'know" I scolded "Take that shit off right now. You're nothing , you're just like the hired help in this place."

"But I..." she began

I stood her up by the shoulders, and shoved her against the dresser facing the mirror on the wall behind it. I pushed her forward and she put her hands on the dresser for balance.

Whap - Whap - Whap - Whap - Whap. Five spankings hard on her ass.

"Those don't count, you still have 10 spankings left, now keep going." I whispered in her ear.

With my right hand I grabbed handful of her hair, and with my left I unzipped the back of her skirt. Her skirt fell to the floor. Still holding her hair I slid my left hand down her plain white panties.

"I'll bet you're soaking wet down here" I said while sliding my middle finger down over the crack of her round ass and down to her pussy. "That's right a little hired help slut like you is always wet, just begging for it aren't you?"

She nervously said "yes"

I let go of her hair and told her to take off her shirt and her bra. She pulled the shirt over her head and then reached back and unhooked her expensive looking bra. I pulled her hair again, jerking her back a little.

In her ear I said "Now play with your tits. Look at yourself in the mirror."

She started slowly but got faster as she rubbed and played with her tits. She lightly pinched her nipples and it seemed like she was going to cum. I pulled her hands off of her boobs and sat down on the bed right behind her. She turned around to face me.

"Don't turn around. Pull your panties down to your knees but leave them on."

She did as she was told.

"Good girl, now take both hands and get them nice and wet with your pussy juices."

She moaned and had a tiny orgasm the second she touched her hungry swollen clit. Her legs were shaking and her hands were slick with her juices.

"Good, now take your hands and rub your juices on the top of the dresser."

The mirror was mounted on the backboard the dresser and went all the way down to the surface of the dresser's top. She finger painted with her own pussy juices in little circles on the dresser.

"See me in the mirror, watching you Carrie?" I asked

"yeah" she gasped

"Well I'm gonna watch you watch yourself."

I got up and walked over behind her. Whap. I spanked her ass hard and it started to turn a little red.

"ahh" she cried her hnds reaching back to protect her ass

I grabbed her hair again and pushed her face down into the mess of juices on the dresser. Whap. I Spanked her again, and again she cried out a little.

"Lick it up. Lick up your dirty pussy juices you whore. Look at yourself in that mirror. Panties around your ankles licking up your own pussy juices. You're such a piece of trash." I kept spanking her while she licked.

I spit on the dresser and told her to lick that up too. Meanwhile I took off my clothes.

"Ok on your knees, that's where girls like you belong, on their knees with their panties down pussy juice dripping form your face."

She obeyed, such a good little whore.

I told her to stick her ass out and spread her cheeks.

"If you take your hands off your ass cheeks you'll get spanked worse than you can imagine, now do you like the taste of cock?"

"I don't like to suck it because it makes me gag!" she said in protest

"Oh I see." I replied "how about alittle on my finger?"

She opened her mouth and I stuck my finger inside it. I shoved my finger to the back of her throat and she did gag on it. Now that it was wet with spit I pulled it out of her mouth.

"No, I don't like that." she said

"What about this?" I said as I leaned over her and slid my finger up her tight ass. I could tell she'd never been assfucked before.

"Oh!" she yelled

I pulled my finger out of her butt and went to put it in her mouth. She dodged her head from side to side not wanting to taste it. I grabbed her jaw and opened it. Then I shoved my cock inside.

I Pulled her down on my shaft until she gaggged, then I let her back up for a split second. Down again. Down again. And the last time I held it there for a second.

Now I was mouth fucking her and she was drooling. Her ass was bright red from the spanking but lucky for her, she still had her hands on it. I reached down a put my finger in her ass again. In nd out it went with the same rhythym as I was using to fuck her face.

Tears were running down her face, bleeding her mascara all over. I'd had enough and pulled out of her mouth. I Pushed her head down onto the carpet and then walked behind her. Her hadns were still spreading her ass for me. I Pressed the tip of my cock inside and she squirmed in an effort to pull away.

I Grabbed her hips and thrust into her.

"Yeah bitch, your little panties are around your ankles and you have a big cock in your ass. You're such a little piece of garbage. Where's my cock?"

She hesitated before whispering "my ass"

"Where is is my cock bitch!" I shouted

"In my ass" she answered

"Cause that's where you like it isn't it? You like a big cock in your ass don't you?"


"Yes what, you fuckin whore?"

"Yes I like a big cock in my ass!" she blurted, gasping.

"Yeah you deserve it in your ass don't you? That's why you've been spreadin it for me isn't it? Tell me!"

"Yes sluts like me deserve a cock in the ass." she said

"That's right and you love the taste of cum don't you?"

"MMMhmm I love the taste of cum"

I pulled out of her and moved back to her head. I Pulled her hair brinign her up off the carpet.

"Open your mouth slut and taste your own ass, tell me you want to lick your shit off my dick and taste my cum"

"No, I!" she started to say

I grabbed her jaw agains and opened her mouth shoving my cock inside. I pushed her down the shaft and held her there for a second until I was ready to cum. I pulled out and stood back up pulling her upright on her knees again. Then I jerked my load all over her face.

I had her stand up and look in the mirro to see what a slut she was.

Another satisfied customer
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